Our beginning....

Suubi was started in 2018 by Our Director Babirye Phiona. We started with a few children but the number of children is now 800. We started by paying school fees for orphans and needy children , buying scholarstic materials for them and also caring for their other basic needs like clothing and medical care. We had to rent a room and take in the children that were mostly needy and had no place to live, like those who had been abandoned by their care takers and those we take off from the streets. Other children are staying with their grand mothers who are blind so, due to that vulnerability we adopt them so that we can give them extra care. The children are are looking after are mostly HIV/aids orphans or those who have lost their parents naturally. To achieve this, we dig deep into our pockets through use of our dear savings and donations from friends and welwishers. Our vision is to reach the entire country and help as many children since almost 1.5 million children in Uganda are orphans due to HIV/AIDS Pandemic which swept accross shortening the lives of many families.

Our Vision

To realize the full potential of our children. We want to ensure that they will be able to reintegrate their community as healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults.

Our Mission

Suubi is to cooperate and collaborate with local authorities and members of the community to offer a chance at life and a new start to orphans and other endangered children. We aim to give them a first-class education, access to necessary health services and, above all, the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy in a safe, caring, warm and familial environment.

Our Activities...

Children Education, Improvement of Child Health and Living Conditions, Sponsorship, Shelter for Elderly, Skills training, and Empowerment for Vulnerable Women

Education and Feeding

Food means a lot in a life of kids at school, food determines kids performance at school as well as his or her results at the end of the term.
Our  kids get free education but no food provision you can stand in this gap to show your love to them by providing food
for these children. More than one million children in schools are getting education when they are hungry, they live home in the morning 7:00am to 5:00pm studying hard but yet very hungry.
It costs only $1 to feed one child per meal and $10 to feed 30 children per meal, thousands of kids are on wait for this help to further their education You can join us feed 1000 kids under our care by just donating $10 per month.

Community Empowerment

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: TO LOOK AFTER ORPHANS AND WIDOWS IN THEIR DISTRESS and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." – James 1:27



These are Old people and Suubi is the campaign to help millions of old people who go to bed hungry after raising a generation and paying taxes they are forgotten and totally helpless, statistics shows that 70% of all Ugandans are below 18 years of age may be it is the number one factor why our government and organizations are no longer considering the case of these old people. We would like to join hands thanking God for these old people they are gifts to our lives while they are weak with no help, we all can be their hands and feet to keep them aliveThey need food, better shelter and medical assistance. therefore, we call upon kind hearted people to remember these old people, pray for and stand with them.


Helping the Homeless, Hungry, and Hurtings Children

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